How to read baseball betting lines?

How to read baseball betting lines

Today we created this guide where we will explain how to read baseball betting lines? Surely the first time you meet a betting site, notes that there are many numbers and confusing concepts.

Baseball is a perfect sport to bet on, as there are many alternatives to find value in each season when each Major League Baseball team plays 162 games per season excluding the playoffs.

 how to read baseball betting lines?
Baseball Betting Lines

1X2 Bets or Money Line:

Unlike the rest of American sports, the most well-known betting format in baseball is the 1X2 bets (in this case 1-2, when the tie cannot be given), usually known as moneyline bets. As you can guess, it’s simply betting on which team will win the match.

It is important to keep in mind that the difference between the average percentage of victories of the best and the worst teams is smaller than in other sports.

In general, the best teams are around 60% of wins, by 40% of the “bad” teams. It is necessary to take this aspect into account since it makes the results from one party to another much less predictable. It is also the reason why most bettors avoid betting on teams with low odds as winners of matches since the risk is much greater than the profit.

How to read baseball betting lines?

In order to read baseball betting lines are quite simple. Let us take example: SD (-116) @ TB (+105)

In betting the underdog Tampa Bay, the investor would wager $100 to win $ 105 while on another hand, to bet on the favorite team for San Diego, a bettor will have to wager $116 to win $100. 

These are a form of handicap exclusive of baseball in which one team receives a handicap of -1.5 runs and the other ‘1.5. As in the rest of handicap bets, at the end of the game, the handicap is added or subtracted and the final result is deducted. Lear more about baseball here.