What does -3 mean in betting?

If you are a novice in online betting, it is necessary for you to know what does -3 mean in betting?

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Sports Betting odds

Today we focus on the sports betting odds, the cornerstone on which the whole business is based.

When we bet, we are trying to predict the future and guess what will have happened when the end of a certain sporting event arrives: a football match, a horse race, a golf tournament, that is, we are trying to win at random knowing in advance what that holds us and have the best sports betting odds.

Well, all the possible ‘results’ of those events have a chance to occur, that’s why chance and probabilities are concepts closely linked to each other.

Odds of bets:

In online betting, the higher the probability, the lower the quota and the less benefit if our bet is winning, because this result was more likely to be given than others. How to bet on football?

On the contrary, the lower the likelihood that something will happen, higher quotas and greater benefits if we have bet our money on this ‘unexpected’ result. These are the sports betting odds in which, when they are correct, real money is won: those who bet on these results and the bookmakers, who do not pay the bets to the ‘favorites’. But logic tells us that these occasions are rare. Therefore, in the long run, it is much easier for bettors to make money betting on good odds.

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The probability of correcting the quotas:

The quotas are expressed by whole numbers with two decimals and tell us how much each Dollar that we have invested will be multiplied if we correct our bet. That is, a 1.36 quota means that for every Dollar we bet if we match the result, the betting house will pay us 1.36 Dollars.

What does -3 mean in betting?

In betting, there is a European handicap betting which is quite logical to win the ticket.

As for an example, if we bet on Benfica with -3, then our bet would pay off in the case Portuguese team wins with 4 goals or more. If it comes any other result, the bet loses. Read more about sportsbetting here.

-3 mean in betting
-3 mean in betting