What does -7 mean in betting?

Here we will learn quickly and easily what does -7 mean in betting. If you are a novice in the online betting field, you must have heard about -7 or -3 odds.

What are the Odds in Sports Betting?

Sports betting are an activity through which the participant predicts sporting results, placing bets on a certain event or encounter. The pioneering country in this type of bets was the United Kingdom, exporting the liking for this type of bets to the rest of the world. 

The quota is the index that shows us the amount that the betting house will pay us for each Dollar that we have deposited as a bet in the event that our prediction about a sporting event is correct. The higher the fee, the more payment the betting house will report to us if we correct the result.

What does -7 mean in betting?

European handicap betting which is also called as 3-way and it is quite logical. It has 3 outcomes that are Draw, home win, and success of the 2nd team.

So here in this case, -7 mean in betting is team needs to win by 8 or more differences to win the ticket.

In addition, the quota is also an index that shows us the probability that we have as bettors to hit a certain forecast. Those forecasts that have small quotas will, as a rule, be simpler to guess that those forecasts that have large quotas which will reflect that this result is more complicated than the one that happens.

What does -7 mean in betting?
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So, as we can see, thanks to the odds we can know different data in order to make the best sports bet we can, since the fundamental purpose of any sports bet is to earn money, and knowing all the information that the quotas can facilitate, we will have many more possibilities to make a good sports bet. Lear more about sportsbetting here.

Thus, and in conceptual summary, the quota will be the amount for which we will multiply our bet for a given sporting event, this being more or less high depending on the difficulty index of matching the result. Therefore, the greater difficulty will result in a higher quota.