What is h2h?

If you are a novice or professional in the field of betting, you must have heard about h2h – but What is H2H ? Let us find out here.

H2H means the Head to Head. Head to Head (H2H) is a type of bet that, in the case of football, omits the possibility of a draw. That is to say, the betting possibilities are two: local victory or visitor victory, no more. If there is a tie, the bookmaker returns the money. Where to bet on sports in Vegas?

H2H means the Head to Head
H2H means the Head to Head

How are the fees in the Head to Head?

Surely you will have thought about. Although they are incredibly seductive, the betting houses do not sweeten them as much as others. How? Simple: the fees are not that high.

The benefits of H2H:

Low fees go into the background when you consider the insurance offered by this type of bet. There is nothing more tiresome when it comes to betting than the tie factor. It is practically a ghost that nobody sees, but everyone knows that it is there. And the Head to Head beautifully eliminates that headache.

Head to Head Sport

Thus, in very even leagues, such as the Premier League, these bets are very useful. Above all, in important moments and duels since the odds and odds are matched. In matches by the descent, by international cup quotas or by the leadership these bets can be very beneficial.

The key:

The best way to take advantage of Head to Head is to study as much as possible before betting. And not only figures, gusts or equations in excel, also lists of injured, current moments of the teams, recent results, situations inside the dressing room, etc. Everything adds or subtracts in the area of probabilities.

A practical and simple example:

Here we take an example of Grand Prix. A practical and simple example of an H2H bet (head to head) will be to determine which driver will be in a better position in a Grand Prix, for example between Vettel and Hamilton. In case one of the two pilots withdrew from the race, the winner would be the one who managed to finish the Grand Prix. Read more about F1 here.