How does over under work?

How does over under work

How does Over Under Work? Over / Under bets invite you to play around the total score of a match that may well be football, basketball, tennis, handball, etc. The objective is to guess, for example, if in a football match they become more or less than 2.5 goals, if in a basketball they score more or less than 158.5 points, if in a tennis game there are more or less than 38.5 games or if in a handball they score more or less than 56.5 goals. Its popular market in MLB betting also.

Of course, the figures presented are clearly referential and serve the purpose of exemplifying the previous definition. Parallelly, the decimal in the numbers in question is placed by the operators to avoid that the score of the event coincides with the line of the betting over under .

Examples and practice:

Above we made a general overview of what are the possibilities that bookmakers put at the disposal of their customers in relation to this interesting market.

How does over under work?
How does over under work?

Starting with football, one of the most basic and popular strategies, which is not applicable to any league, is to bet more than 2.5 goals when a large favorite team plays at home, and bow for less than 2.5 goals when It acts as a visitor. To make clear what each option is about, in the first we would be betting on at least three goals between the two teams in the match and in the second, for no more than two.

How does Over Under Work :

In football we can also bet on the number of corner kicks, throw-ins, fouls committed, cards and more.

In the case of basketball and handball, Over / Under bets become a little more complicated. The line usually varies a lot and depends largely on the teams that face. Here comes into play the ability and patience of the bettor to investigate previously, especially in the field of statistics. In the NBA, for example, it is usual to see very bulky final scoreboards, something that happens to a lesser extent in European competitions.

In relation to tennis, the line is also quite fluctuating. First of all, logically, a Grand Slam or a Davis Cup match is not the same as any other ATP tournament. The statistical issue is fundamental in tennis and with that, we do not want to imply that it is not in football, the truth is that -in certain Over / Under bets- soccer can be a little more predictable. Read more about sports betting here.