What is Martingale Betting System?

Know about Martingale Betting System:

The Martingale betting system is not actually from the sports betting area, but from the world of gambling and is therefore already known by many from the casino. In the meantime, many sports betting friends borrow this strategy and apply it for sports betting.

The idea behind the Martingale Betting System:

Martingale betting System is very simple. It is the systematic increase in wagering to compensate for lost bets or the playful wager to end up always with a plus. This procedure is therefore suitable for all of you who whistle for statistics and elaborate evaluations and rely solely on the basic mathematical idea.

Martingale Betting System
Martingale system in action

The opposite: what is the anti-martingale strategy?

Due to the risks outlined above, which are rewarded in the end only with small profits and the difficult feasibility, in reality, many sports betting users would rather resort to the opposite betting strategy: The Anti-Martingale strategy. On the one hand, this involves far fewer risks and, on the other hand, it is much easier to implement in practice.

In contrast to the classic Martingale strategy, smaller deviations in betting odds can easily be accepted, which makes the playability of the strategy much easier. As the name suggests, a reversal of the actual game principle is applied: “profit progression instead of loss progression” is the motto.

Profit Progression Concept :

How to make money sports betting? This means that in the case of a win the stake is doubled. And if the bet is lost, the bet is halved. If you start, for example, with 10 Dollars, you bet in the event of the next bet 20 Dollars. So it’s a very defensive betting strategy. We recommend you to define a personal profit target in advance, which should then be strictly adhered to.

Thus, it should be made clear that the anti-martingale betting system is only profitable in the long term if no more than two bets are lost in a row. With three loss bets in series, it is difficult to get back into the plus. Check here about more Martingale betting info.