How does Horse Betting work?

Horse Betting work

How does Horse Betting work?Horse racing is an equestrian performance sport. Usually, it involves 2 or more horses ridden by jockeys on a set distance for rivalry.

There are several ways to get an economic reward. If you think betting is limited to choosing a winning horse, you risk losing countless opportunities for fun.

How does Horse Betting work?

Nowadays, horse sportsbook bitcoin bookies become more popular. A lot fo bitcoin betting sites are offering horse race for betting. Betting with crypto currency have a lot of advantages like fast deposit and withdrawals and also gives some anonymity.

WIN : You bet your horse will come in First place. If your house finishes in first, you won.

PLACE : You bet as a place holder, either your horse will come first or second position. if the horse wins the race, only the payment for second place is charged.

SHOW : You bet saying horse will come in first, second or third position. If the steed wins the competition or finishes second, only the payment for the third position is charged.

H2H: Very popular betting where you pick winner between two horses. H2H offers several choices and odds depends from that how the pair is equal.

To have fun with bets, nobody has to waste huge amounts of money, in the case of modalities such as First, Second and Third. The minimum amount of the bet ranges from $ 10 (in stands) to $ 20.

How does Horse Betting Work
Horse Betting

Betting called Exotic:

• Exact: In order to get the prize, in a race, you must choose the horses that will get the first and second place in exact order.

• Quiniela: To win the bet, you have to select the first two places of the race regardless of the order.

• Trifecta: To get the prize, in a race you must choose three steeds that will have to arrive first, second and third in exact order.

• Superfecta: In a race, four horses are chosen that must arrive first, second, third and fourth in exact order.

• Triple: To get the reward, you have to choose the winner of the first place in three consecutive races.

• Go x 4: To get the prize, you must select the winner of the first place in four consecutive races.

• Go x 7: To win the bet, you have to choose the winner of the first place in seven consecutive races.

The excitement is dressed with the different criteria that involve a riding competition, such as distance to travel (furlongs, yards), age of the horses, competitive history. For example, races with horses that have never won or have never triumphed in two or four races among others. Read more about horse betting here.