How Boxing Betting works?

How Boxing Betting works

How Boxing Betting works? Boxing and betting works hand in hand for a long time. At the beginning of the 70s, boxing bets were more popular than those of the NFL, but a series of allegations about rigged matches, together with outrageous arbitration decisions, caused many people to abandon bets in this sports specialty. Boxing betting is very similar to UFC betting.

How does boxing betting work?

It is usually simple bets in which the odds of each fighter appear next to their name.

In hypothetical combat, the predictions of it are read in the following way:

– John Smith -200

– Pete Brown +150

– Draw at points +2000

Bettors who bet on Smith will risk $ 200 to win $ 100, while bettors who opt for Brown, risk $ 100 to win $ 150. Those bettors who think that the fight will end in a tie in points must risk $ 100 to win $ 2000.

In boxing bets, the chosen boxer must win the fight or lose his bet.

If the match ends in a tie to the points, the bettors who have opted for either of the two fighters lose their bets and those who bet for the tie will feel extremely happy.

Another typical bet is to bet on a boxer who will win by Combat Stopped. Continuing with our example of John Smith against Pete Brown, we could see forecasts of the following type for this case:

– John Smith by KO -110.

– Pete Brown by KO 200.

For this fight, Smith will win the betting if he gets a referee stops the fight and declares him the winner.

If Smith won the fight to the points, those who had bet on him in this Prop Bet would lose their bet, since he has not won by fought stopped by the referee.

The same can be said in Brown’s case, must win by Knock Out to stop the fight so that bettors receive their prize. Read more about boxing betting here.