What is European Handicap in Soccer Betting?

What is European Handicap in Soccer Betting?

What is European Handicap in Soccer Betting? Here is a brief detail.

What is European handicap in Soccer Betting?

A handicap is a disadvantage or unfavorable circumstance. It means that it is about imposing a disadvantage on the favorite team or player, to level the probabilities of the results. This is of special interest when the difference between rivals is very marked.

European Handicap :

European handicap is the simplest type of handicap bet, in which we add or subtract points or entire goals and keep the three possibilities of the final result: local victory, draw or victory visitor.

Let’s suppose that we want to bet on a game of the German soccer league between Bayern Munich and Paderborn. After taking a look at the Bundesliga classification, we observed that the level of the two teams is very different.

What is European Handicap in Soccer Betting?
European Handicap

While Bayern is leading the Bundesliga with 53 points, the opposing team is very close to the relegation zone with only 23. So the locals should be clear favorites to take the game today.

With so much distance of level and quality, the sports odds will be clearly in favor of the locals, so if we take a look at the online betting houses, we will see that they will offer us very low odds for the local victory. Read more about spread betting here.

Therefore, if we want to bet on this forecast, we will have a few benefits if we succeed. However, if we believe that the victory of Bayern will be very comfortable, it may be worth it to impose a disadvantage on the home side of one or more goals to increase their share and earn more money.

In this way, the European is simpler but the Asian handicap offers very interesting alternatives in which the result of a draw is discarded. When to use one or the other will always depend on what we look for in our strategies.

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