What is a double chance bet in Soccer?

What is a double chance bet in Soccer

What is a double chance bet in soccer? Double Chance Bet is one of the most classic betting modalities. That we can find in the different betting houses. The difference between classic 1X2 betting and double chance,is that double chance bet allows us to cover two of the three possible forecasts that could occur in a match.

What is Double Chance?

The truth is that the “Double chance” adapts like the ring to the finger to the king sport, but it is also very common for bookmakers to offer it in other sports such as handball or hockey, for example.

The options that we will have within our reach will be 1X (local victory or tie), X2 (tie or victory visitor) and 12 (the triumph of one of the two rivals in competition).

Double Chance Bet
Double Chance Bet

Increase the chances of success with Double Chance Bet:

The main attraction force of this type of bet is none other than its enormous capacity to increase the chances of success of its users. By being able to bet on two of the three outcome options that give an event, our possibilities are triggered and the value of our successes will be the same, whatever the case may be.

That is, if we bet on a 1 X and end up winning the premises, we will have won the bet and with the same value as if they had drawn.

Betfair’s Betting Webiste :

In this sense, we must highlight Betfair’s betting website, which was the first to grant a place in its offer to this type of bet. After her, there were many other online gambling companies that decided to include them.

Betfair also opened the way largely because these bets could only be made in exchange houses since they were the only ones in which it was possible to bet against the result.

Double Chance Bet in Soccer :

As we said, it is clear and very positive the fact that the bets with double results increase our chances of winning the bet, but that also makes the odds offered by the betting houses fall considerably.

Despite the drop in earnings expectations for us, the double chance can be a more than good option when we want to bet on a favorite team that plays away from home. Learn more about sportsbetting here.

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