Where to bet on Boxing?

how to bet on boxing

Where to bet on Boxing? One of the sports disciplines with the longest history in betting is definitely boxing. Several bets that were made at the end of the 19th century included this activity. How boxing betting works?

In this article, we are going to show you how and where to bet on boxing?

How to bet on boxing?

The most popular way to bet of course is the winner of the fight. Here the boxing betting houses will give you the different odds you must know in order to make a much more appropriate bet. The same thing happens for the number of rounds in a fight since there are different types of battles.

To give an example, the standards are 10 rounds, while the fights for the title are 12, and Olympic boxing is only 3. Each round is handled with the same amount of time which is three minutes.

Where to bet on Boxing?
Bet on Boxing

Where to bet on boxing?

Currently, there are many markets and betting houses that give you the best odds at the time of betting. Following are the popular platforms:


If you need to know a place where to bet on boxing, the site is definitely Bet365. This is one of the best portals to make online boxing bets, where you will have a large catalog of events worldwide and all the possible combinations you want to make. It has 35 million customers worldwide.


Betway is another great platform for boxing betting. They have numbers of brands including Spin Casino, The Box, Bingo, Dream Bingo, Betway Poker, Betway Bingo, Betway Vegas, Betway Casino, and Betway Sportsbook.


Bodog is one of the trusted and reliable online boxing gambling sites that offer sports betting, poker room, and many online casino games. You can play for free on this game site and claim your welcome bonus. Find more info about sportsbetting here.