How many Timeouts in NFL?

How many Timeouts in NFL?

How many Timeouts in NFL? The National Football League (NFL) is one of the world’s top sports leagues and the largest in the United States.

Although the name is similar, football does not bear much resemblance to the football we know and it is being practicing in the rest of the world. However, by understanding some basic concepts, it is possible to appreciate those games that win huge ratings.

In sports, a time-out is a halt in the play. In the NFL game, each team gives 2-time outs during a 10-minute regular season.

How many Timeouts in NFL?

Timeout is a demand for time, as it does in basketball, volleyball, and other sports. Each team entitles to six 30-second timeouts, divided into three per time. However, they are not cumulative and can use in the two corresponding quarters (3 in the first two quarters and 3 in the last two).

How many Timeouts in NFL
Timeouts in NFL

There is also an automatic timeout two minutes left to end each time, called a two-minute warning. That has the function of warning the remaining time. At this time, the televisions also use to serve commercial ads, precisely at the “prime time” of the match.


At any time, before the two-minute warning, the coach of one of the teams may throw a red flag on the pitch and challenge the outcome of the previous play. It must perform before the next snap and the referees, with the help of technology, review whether the field marking was correct.

Each coach entitles to 2 challenges per match and can win an extra challenge if he is correct in the previous ones. In the event of an incorrect challenge, the team penalizes with the loss of a timeout. Thus, you need to be sure of the error to request the review.

After the 2-minute warning, only the referees decide whether the play should review or not. Nevertheless, any score in the game confirms with the aid of dozens of cameras present at the stadium. Read more about NFL here.

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