How to bet on boxing?

How to bet on boxing?

How to bet on boxing? Do you want to start boxing betting? We help you understand the basics of this sport and explain what are the most popular bets?

How to bet on boxing?

Between the bets to the boxing and the combats of the UFC that are more popular, they are:

•    Winner of the fight: That is to say which of the two fighters or fighters will win, according to the decision of the jury?

•    Bets to rounds or assaults: In this one bets the number of assault in which the fighter chosen as the winner will obtain the victory.

•    Ways to succeed: This method has several ways to bet and the player must define the way in which the match ends, these are:\

How to bet on boxing?

By unanimous decision: It happens when the jury decides based on the score who is the winner?

Technical decision:

It happens after the 5th round, for reasons other than Knockout (KO), technical knockout (technical KO) or disqualification, it is difficult to happen and in this case, it remains as the winner that until the moment of stopping the match has more points. Where to bet on boxing?

How to bet on boxing?
Boxing Betting

Tie or technical draw:

It is one of the ways to end a less common fight and that is that at the end of the rounds both fighters are equal in points. For its part, the technical draw is announced before the 5th round for reasons other than KO, TKO or disqualification.

Disqualification (DQ):

This occurs when the referee disqualifies or removes one of the fighters from the fight due to a malicious blow, which violates the rules of this sport.

Knockout (KO):

It is one of the most expected actions in boxing and is sentenced when the opponent falls in the boxing ring and does not rise in 10 seconds.

Technical Knockout (Technical KO):

The referee considers this form of winning a fight when he sees that there is inferiority in one of the fighters for an injury or when one of the players during the combat has fallen 3 times.

Bet on boxing :

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