How much does a NHL hockey puck weigh?

How much does a NHL hockey puck weigh?

How much does a NHL hockey puck weigh? The National Hockey League (NHL) is a professional Ice Hockey League in North America. You will be wondered to know that in this game, there are also rules for pucks.

Very few spectators know the rule, the rule of the puck. No, this is not just a black disc that should be carried into the goal, but a custom made game machine. Let us find out more about puck in the following section.

How much does a NHL hockey puck weigh and size?

The size and weight of the puck are also firmly anchored in the rules. The puck must be 2.54 centimeters, which is exactly one inch tall, and have a diameter of 7.62 centimeters (3 inches). However, the weight may vary between 156 grams and 170 grams.

Also prescribed is the size of a logo or advertisement on the puck. Although it may be printed on both sides the mass of 4.5 cm in diameter and 35 percent of the area of ​​both Puck must not be exceeded.

How much does a NHL hockey puck weigh?
NHL hockey puck

Worth knowing additional information:

Before a game, the puck is usually cooled, because cold rubber has a lower jumping effect than warm. So it can reach a speed of about 170 kilometers per hour. Read more about NHL here.

If you are interested in NHL Betting, let us know how to bet on NHL?

How to bet on NHL?

Like other professional leagues, the popularity of ice hockey has seen tremendous growth in recent years. It is becoming one of the favorite sports among NHL betting punters around the world.

The options available for betting on hockey are quite simple. The simplest is to choose the winner of the match and bet the money line or the dotted line. The difference between favorite team points against another. Another way to bet on ice hockey is to predict whether the total scores will be greater or less than the total set by the house.