What are NHL Hockey sticks made of?

What are NHL Hockey sticks made of?

If you are a big fan of this sport, do you ever wonder What are NHL Hockey sticks made of? Let us find out here. NHL is one of the most popular games.

What are NHL Hockey sticks made of?

The composition of hockey sticks today is usually mostly composite, some also made of wood. The composite has the fiberglass base and incorporates carbon as we want to gain performance.

In the end, it is what makes the difference. Carbon can be used in various ways and processes.

What are NHL Hockey sticks made of?
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Carbon sticks: the most powerful and resistant

Sticks with a high percentage of carbon are indicated if what you are looking for is stiffness, with all that that implies. That is, they are also less flexible when hitting the ball, so it brings speed with the hit.

Another fact to keep in mind is that carbon provides less sensation, something that can be a bit difficult if you are not yet an experienced player and the percentage of carbon is high, such as 70-100%.

Between wood and composite:

Although they are not as common as composite ones, wood models also have their audience and not only because they are cheaper than the rest.

And, for beginners, the wooden stick is usually the most recommended. There will be time to move on to carbon or composite if you want. But for those who practice very punctually, wooden sticks are fantastic for their price. Lear more about NHL at their official website.

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