What does singles only mean betting?

What does singles only mean betting?

What does singles only mean betting? Singles Bet is a bet which is placed on just 1 selection or market. That allows you to earn a certain profit by guessing just 1 match correctly.

Singles mean in Betting :

When you place your bet on 1 single bet, the return will not be depended on the outcome of many matches so you can get your cash as soon as you have correctly guessed on 1 selection.

What does singles only mean betting
Singles mean in Betting

Rules for singles betting:

•    You can only back 1 selection per bet.

•    If your selection loses, you will lose your stake.

•    If your selection wins, your winning amount will be paid out at the odds displayed for your selection when you will place the bet.

What are the Pros and Cons of Single Betting?


•    You will get potential return depends on 1 selection.

•    High winning of the amount.

•    This betting option is highly recommended by experts


•    On backing favorites, it offers very low returns.

•    You will need to place at high odds for good returns.

What does singles only mean betting?

What types of bets are there?

In the field of betting, you have the possibility to choose between 3 different types of bets. With a forecast, you can close a simple bet, with 2 or more one combined bet and with 3 odds or more.

Attention: If you indicate more than 2 forecasts, the system automatically offers you a combined bet. If you prefer to close single bets or system, you must select the desired option.

What is a combined bet?

As soon as you make 2 or more predictions in 2 or more sporting events, these will automatically appear on the betting slip as a combined or accumulator bet. The total quota is obtained by multiplying the quotas of all individual forecasts.

Please keep in mind that you will only get the profit of a combined bet if you correct all the predictions made. You can group up to 20 forecasts at various sporting events in a combined bet. Read more about sportsbetting here.