What does -2 mean in Football Betting?

what does -2 mean in football betting

What does -2 mean in Football Betting? If you are new to Football Betting and keen to know about its betting, you are here at the right place.

Handicap Betting:

Among all the types of bets that exist within the sports field, we find a type called handicap bets. This bet is usually carried out when the odds for a match are disproportionately uneven. The bookmakers offer handicap bets in order to increase the quota of the player or team that has very low.

We must bear in mind that many people have a false belief that when we find very low odds we have a safe bet.

Any expert in sports betting will tell us that there are no safe sports bets, since any player can suffer a “puncture”, have a bad game or be injured, so make big bets when we find a fee of this type thinking that even if we win Little will be safe money is a real mistake.

What does -2 mean in Football Betting?
Football Betting

What does -2 mean in Football Betting?

When you place a Asian or European handicap bet, you are betting with a fictional score which is already in place. For example, a heavy favorite may have a handicap attached to them of -2 that means that not only do they have to win their game, but also they have to win by 3 goals or more to cover the handicap. Since the final result, we must subtract a goal for which we have a bet.

Odds bets victory without handicap:

That is why in a bet where we find two players or two teams very uneven in terms of odds, having a clear favorite, we must make a handicap bet. A handicap is a disadvantage that we will give initially to the highest probability of the encounter. But it will also be an advantage on the other hand to the event that a priori seems less likely.

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