NFL Sponsors:

NFL Sponsors

NFL Sponsors: The National Football League (NFL) is popular to be the most competitive league in the world, not only in sports but also economically.

Proof of this is that the league has maintained constant economic growth for years and this last season was no exception where the NFL, only in sponsorships, pocketed 1.320 million dollars.

NFL Sponsors:

Just as millions are on the lookout for broadcasts or live games, thousands of companies also closely follow the eyes of fans to show their products or services over and over again.

The IEG consulting company conducted a study in which it compiled all the sponsorships of each of the NFL teams. These agreements are from the 2015 season since for this year more companies could be incorporated.

The absolute winner is Gatorade. The hydrating beverage company is present in 100% of the teams and the league is the oldest sponsor and has been present since 1983.

The second place is for Anheuser-Busch, whose brands are in 88% of the properties. It has been part of the sponsors since 2011. The podium is completed by Pope John’s with 61% participation and an alliance that began in 2010.

NFL Sponsors
NFL Sponsors List

Most active sponsors in the NFL league and teams:

Here is the list of sponsors –

Gatorade – 100%

Anheuser-Busch – 88%

Papa John’s – 61%

Verizon – 58%

Microsoft – 52%

Pepsi Cola – 52%

PrimeSport – 48%

FanDuel – 48%

P&G – 48%

Ford – 45%

Total sponsorship income from last season reached $ 1.2 billion according to the report. This millionaire amount represents a 5.9% increase over the sponsorship gains they had in the 2016-2017 season and a new economic record for the NFL. Read more about NFL here.

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