Hockey Rules:

Hockey rules

Hockey Rules: Ice Hockey faces two teams whose objective is to goal a rubber disc, called “puck“, in the opposite goal as many times throughout the match. At the same time, you must prevent the rival team from adding up so many.

Hockey Rules: How many players are in team?

Each team has 6 components on the track:

1 goalkeeper: He is in charge of protecting the goal from the opposing goals, he can touch the puck with his hands and cannot beat the midfield.

2 defenses: They are usually located on the same line in the defensive zone and their main task is to avoid opposing attacks.

1 center: He is an attacking player, a forward. Generally, it is who moves the most and scores goals.

2 extremes: Also attackers, one on each side of the track. They are responsible for preparing the attack moves.

However, each team is usually composed of about 25 players who rotate throughout the game.

Ice Hockey
Ice Hockey

Hockey Rules – How many changes can be made?

There is no limit. Each team can make as many changes as it sees fit. These can be done during the game, without having to stop it.

How long is an Ice Hockey match and how is it divided?

Each match consists of 3 periods of 20 minutes each. Time only runs while the puck is in motion. In each period, teams have the right to request a dead time of 30 seconds. Between the period and period, there is a 15-minute break.

 If at the end of the 60 minutes of regulatory play if there is tie an extra time of 5 minutes is played at sudden death. Means, the first team that scores a bit is the winner regardless of the minutes that have been played.

How is Ice hockey Rink?

The Ice Hockey rink, also known as “Rink”, is rectangular with rounded corners. This form seeks to prevent the disk from stopping.

Game has three zones : neutral zone, defense zone and attack zone. The last two are reversed according to the direction of the game at all time.

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