How long does an NFL game last?

How long does an NFL game last?

How long does an NFL game last? NFL which is also known as American football is a sport originating in the United States, and in which complex strategies, great physical and mental preparation are combined.

In its beginnings, the sport had a lot of boom in North America, but in the last decades it has been expanding and today it has been playing in more than 60 countries.

Do you know how long an NFL game lasts? Let us find out here:

How long does an NFL game last?

NFL Matches last longer than football or soccer matches. Usually, the last 1 hour but if you want to watch a football game you have to book your ticket for 3 and 4 hours. Why does a football game last so long?

How long does an NFL game last?
NFL Game Duration

Duration of a football game:

NFL or American football is one of the most aggressive sports. It has similarities to rugby but they are completely different. It is playing mainly in North America but has become popular through the media and movies.

The football game has 4 blocks consisting of 15 minutes each. In total it lasts 60 minutes or one hour. However, the rules of the game allow the marker to stop and that causes the real-time to extend.

Time stops when they request a time out, when an offensive line prepares or when a play requests to review. In addition, there are 2 breaks between the first and second blocks of time and the second and third periods of time.

All this means that an NFL game will last more than 3 hours. Read more about NFL here.

Time out in NFL:

The game rules of this sport allow each team to stop the clock 3 times per game. These stops are also famous as time out or dead time.

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