How much do NFL cheerleaders make?

How much do NFL cheerleaders make

Let us know in the following how much do NFL cheerleaders make? The NFL is one of the sports organizations with the highest profits in the United States and its beautiful Cheerleaders lag far behind for low wages.

The glamor of the famous cheerleaders of the NFL reaches stardom levels, but their salaries do not go according to that image promoted by their teams.

How much do NFL cheerleaders make?

The salaries of the beautiful cheerleaders vary according to each team. It has been the case that some paid lower wages than the minimum established in each state.

The cheerleading brotherhood code has been broken by Lacy T. of the Oakland Raiders in 2014, when he filed a lawsuit against his team for earning $ 5 an hour below the minimum wage, according to

At the start of the 2015 season, the salary of cheerleaders in Oakland rose to $ 9 per hour which translates to $ 3,000 per season, according to a publication by

How much do NFL cheerleaders make?
NFL Cheerleaders

They continue to explain that it was requiring that they attend not only the training and games, but also had to arrive 3 hours before the game. They also need to attend official functions of the team to sign autographs, sell items from the store. Also go to a minimum of 10 charity events, photography sessions, and calendars.

Although the salary has changed to the minimum wage that will soon be $ 15 an hour in California and New York, cheerleaders from other franchises have filed other lawsuits fighting for better wages and working conditions.

Many of these young women besides being attractive, and in perfect physical condition, a large part is university students or professionals as well. Read more about NFL here.

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