Everything to know about French Open:

French Open

French Open or “Roland Garros” is among the 4 Grand Slam tournaments. As a result, they are one of the most important tournaments ever.

Traditionally, it is the second grand slam tournament of the year (between the Australian Open and Wimbledon).

Usually, it is held shortly before the beginning of the summer. The venue is the French capital of Paris. Games are playing on clay. This is the only big tournament that takes place on this underground.

Events from French Open are very popular among gamblers, every bookie offers daily odds for the events and also French open odds for champion of the tournament before the start of the competition.

Roots of the French Open:

The roots of the tournament go back to 1891. Women started to play at 1897. However, the participation was reserved almost exclusively French until 1925. Originally the competition was called “French Competition”. This had to change with the admission of foreign players, which is why the “French Open” founded.

French Open
Roland Garros

In these years of the tournament, they even played on grass. This changed only when they moved in 1928 to today’s location. The first tennis stadium where the Open cup will be held today was originally built for a Davis Cup duel.  How to watch French Open?

French Open or Roland Garros?

Almost synonymous with the name , the term “Roland Garros” is used. Also, this is actually not the name of the tournament, but the name of the tennis facility in which is played.

This goes back to the same fighter pilot, who became a legend in France during the First World War and loved tennis.

Unique features of French Open:

It is a tournament that has always strives to differentiate itself from other major events. This has not changed until today. So the event begins in 2006 on a Sunday and not on a Monday.

The Grand Slam tournament in France was the first major sporting event that allowed public viewing in 3D. Read more about Roland Garros here.