What is a Moneyline bet?

What is a Moneyline bet

What is a Moneyline bet? The money line is the term using for a common bitcoin sports betting. If you place a line bet, you are betting that one team will win the game. Unlike point difference betting, the margin of victory does not affect your winnings.

Understand What is a Moneyline bet?

Odds for line bets are generally exposed as two numbers. One of them is positive, and the other is negative. The positive number is assigning to the favorite team, or the one expected to win.

The value of the number is the amount you would have to bet to win the US $ 100 above your original bet. For example, if the line is -150 and you bet $ 150, you get $ 250 back if your team wins.

The positive number is assigning to those who are not expecting to win and is the amount you would win on a bet of $ 100. If the line is 150, and you bet $ 100, you will receive $ 250 back if your team wins. If the teams are similar, no number assigns to them. Instead, the lines given by the word “equal”.

What is a Moneyline bet?
Moneyline Betting


Several factors contribute to the allocation of lines for each team. They try to accurately reflect the probability of victory of the teams. Higher returns on betting on non-favorite teams reward punters for taking a higher risk. Team history is another important factor when calculating lines. News, like player injuries or lineup changes, can also affect the odds.

Point difference:

Betting for point difference is another common alternative to the money line. In this bet, the odds are the same if you bet on the favorite or the underdog, while on the line bet they are different.

Equal odds achieve because the favorite team does not “win” the match for the purposes of the bet unless it does so by a certain margin.

For example, in a game of football between Team A and Team B, Team A is a favorite and could have odds of -3. If you place a point difference bet with Team A, you must win the match by four points or more in order for you to collect the bet.