How to read NFL betting lines?

How to read NFL betting lines?

Here we are going to discuss how to read NFL betting lines? To bet NFL, it is necessary to understand each aspect of the betting slip, including betting lines.

How to read NFL betting lines?

Surely the first time you encounter a betting site notes that there are many confusing numbers and concepts. That is why today we created this guide where we will explain how to read the betting lines and become a pro.

To read the betting lines there are two formats of mummies, the American and the decimal. American is the most used while the decimal is most used in Europe. Let’s start with the American and we will give you an example:

American mummy:

If the number is positive it means that you are betting on the least favorite team and that you will have to play $ 100 to win the positive amount. In this case, if you played $ 100 in favor of Team A you would take $ 585 of profit plus the $ 100 invested.

And if the number is negative you will be betting on the favorite team and it means that you must bet the negative amount to generate $ 100 in winnings. In this case, you would have to invest $ 225 to team B to generate $ 100 in profits since team B is the clear favorite. Read more about NFL here.

Now let’s see the same example, but with the decimal mummy:

How to read NFL betting lines?
Read NFL Betting Lines

Decimal mummy:

This line of bets does not have negative or positive numbers, but it has numbers and decimals. This means that what you invest will be multiplied by the number that corresponds to the team. For example, if you wanted to play $ 50 to the draw (on the betting lines it is represented with an X) you would multiply as follows: $ 50 x 4.00 = $ 200.

So your profit would be $ 150 plus your investment of $ 50. However, if you wanted to play $ 50 in favor of team B, the multiplication would be as follows: $ 50 x 1.44 = $ 72.

And your profit would be $ 22 plus the $ 50 invested.

As you see reading a line of bets and their mummies is easy and you can certainly put a little flavor to your favorite games.