How to watch NHL games online?

How to watch NHL games online

How to watch NHL games online? The North American Ice Hockey League NHL is still the most popular and best ice hockey league in the world and that is why the best players in the world are busy there.

Unfortunately, the individual games and especially the most interesting ones are not transmitted in the TV in most countries or you probably need a subscription to one of the pay-TV channels.

How to watch NHL games online?

But if you’re outside of the USA and Canda, and if you do not even have a TV in the room, then free live streams on the internet definitely provide an alternative.

You do not have to scramble your ground so you can see the live games. Here we introduce three providers who differ in their streaming offer from the competition. There is the live stream of bet365 which is a popular NHL Betting site and bwin. We focus and especially on the ice hockey streaming offer.

But let’s not forget that there are of course live streams from football, tennis, football, motorsport and many other sports.

How to watch NHL games online?
North American Ice Hockey League NHL

List of online live streams that you can use for NHL live:




Here we have listed 3 of the best websites in our opinion with free live streams. On all of them, NHL games are broadcast live and you can also choose between several live streams per game.

So if a top game gets overloaded with one stream, you can quickly switch to another. If one of the websites is also overloaded, then you can switch to the other one.

The free live streams can normally be watched only with the help of a browser and a player. You do not have to install any additional programs on your own computer. Read more about NHL here.

Advantages of the betting provider streams:

•    Free

•    Relatively easy to use

•    Good quality

•    Partial transmissions of special events.