How long are NHL Games?

How long are NHL games?

How long are NHL games? The National Hockey League is one of the professional ice hockey leagues. Currently this league has 31 teams. There are 24 teams in the United States and 7 teams in Canada.

How long are NHL Games?

Every NHL game lasts 60 minutes of playing time. However, NHL games broken down into three 20-minutes periods. It also has a big break of 17-minute after the 1st and 2nd period for the rest of the players. Each team has the possibility of making a timeout in each game. 

In case of a tie at the end of the three periods, an extra time (Over Time) will be played which lasts 5 minutes. As it happened in football with the golden goal, the team that scores takes the game.

Ice hockey is considered the fastest team sport in the world and as such, novices when trying to understand the game really have a hard time understanding what is happening at the moment and why there are so many interruptions.

How long are NHL games?
National Hockey League

How long are NHL Games?

Power play concept:

It happens when a player of a team is sanctioned and his opponent has a numerical superiority. Normally, the teams have a studied way of playing it in a 5 against 4. That is what usually happens and there usually take place the clear chances of goal. That superiority is usually two minutes although it may be more depending on the penalty that the player has received.


Neutral kick that can occur at the 9 points indicated on the court either by a penalty, because the puck has left or by a stop of the goalkeeper. The 2 teams dispute the pill in that faceoff.


In the games of NHL, penalties can be mild or very serious and are usually sanctioned with the temporary expulsion of a player. The times vary from two minutes to the penalty during several matches. Read more about NHL at their official website.

NHL Betting:

This sport is very attractive to the eyes although it can be a bit complicated to understand for people not a very follower of it. However, when you are in NHL Betting, everything becomes extremely simple in any online betting house.