Formula 1 Directv:

Formula 1 Directv

If you are a big fan of Formula 1, do not miss to watch any single race on DirecTV.

Formula 1 Directv :

DIRECTV allows you to experience the world’s most popular automobile event uniquely. Follow all the action of the race with the interactive mosaic, enjoy onboard cameras, special cameras and all the information of your favorite drivers. How to watch Formula 1 online?

In this way, DirecTV engine fans subscribers will be able to watch only the entire Formula 1 Grand Prix including free practice, qualification and race.

Also you will be able to watch the entire GP2 and GP3, and other competitions such as the Porsche Super Cup and the 90 best historical races with legendary drivers.

If you also want to enjoy betting on Formula 1 while watching the race on DirecTV, let us discuss something about Formula one betting.

Formula 1 Directv
Formula 1 Directv

What can you bet on a Formula 1 race?

Formula 1 is much more than the race on Sunday and the barely two hours in which the drivers and all their teams fight hard to win the victory. You can also bet on training, qualifying, the position where a certain driver will end or who will climb the podium.

3 Tips for Betting on Formula 1:

To bet with guarantees on the premier category of motoring, several factors must be taken into account. Here we summarize in 3 good tips for betting.

1. Changes in regulation:

From one year to the next many things change, there are new specifications and the equipment has to adapt. Be aware of these new rules and the training before the World Cup begins. They provide a lot of information about what will happen the rest of the year. Read more about Formula 1 here.

2. Situation is different in every country:

There will be fewer differences than in other races, due to the difficulty of its urban circuit – that in Brazil or Malaysia it can rain to pitchers, resulting in a lottery; or that in Abu Dhabi the heat of the desert can affect the cars. Keep all these peculiarities in mind.

3. The pilots also have preferred circuits:

Fernando Alonso was flying in Hungary, Canada is Lewis Hamilton’s private preserve and Michael Schumacher was unbeatable in France. There he won 8 times, and San Marino where he won 7 times.