Who is the oldest quarterback in the NFL?

Who is the oldest quarterback in the NFL?

Who is the oldest quarterback in the NFL? Every position of the NFL is important. However, the quarterback is the most important member of any team. Being quarterback requires the most intelligence, skill, and the quarterback needs to possess several leadership qualities.

Only quarterbacks with at least one season of experience were eligible. Those newly selected in the 2019 NFL Draft and those who have not seen action in the regular season were out of the ranking.

Who is the oldest quarterback in the NFL?

The oldest quarterback is George Blanda – When he retired, it was his 49th birthday. He shows no signs of stopping any time soon. He is in his 40s, he is one of the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks.

Who is the oldest quarterback in the NFL?
Oldest quarterback in the NFL

Who are the other oldest quarterback in the NFL?

Jared Goff – Rams:

He won the tiebreaker by two mentions in 9th place against one from Watson. Winning 13 games in one season and pitching for more than 4600 yards and 32 TD was no accident.

However, their fairly consistent performance throughout the campaign, their age and their proven ability to improve open the door of success open for short-term Rams.

Philip Rivers – Chargers:

The difference in points marks that we are entering elite lands. It is a case of a QB marked by the lack of important victories. Especially in the playoffs, but Rivers has been an anchor of stability and productivity for its franchise.

It has not lost any game since it took ownership in 2006. He has achieved more than 4 thousand yards in 8 of his 11 seasons as a starter, almost 258 yards on average per game for life and 118 wins so far.

Ben Roethlisberger – Steelers:

This QB has lived everything, knows what it is to win the Super Bowls and like Tom Brady. Every year that adds to his age seems to go against time and improve his statistics in the field.

It has an internal fire that makes it grow in the moments of greatest pressure. It is his bravery that borders on the reckless and will undoubtedly seek victory until the last breath. Read more about NFL here.

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