How to make money betting on sports?

How to make money betting on sports?

How to make money betting on sports? If you are new to sports betting and not sure how to make money? This post is for you. Here we will discuss various methods.

How to make money betting on sports? – Method 1: Directional Bets:

Directional or value bets directional bets simply consist of betting on a result. Behind it lies the basic mechanism of betting. We put money in favor of a certain team, if we win we take it multiplied by the odds, if not, we lose it. So, we play simply against the probability of the outcome, something that bookmakers handle perfectly.

Method 2: Betting Arbitration:

In investment terms, the word arbitrage is using when a safe profit can be made in situations where two or more markets unbalance. In sports betting online bitcoin, as a large market that is where event probabilities are bought and sold, it is possible – and very profitable to apply this concept.

Who wouldn’t be delighted to find a betting arbitrage profit opportunity or how to win secure bets on soccer and other sports insurance? To do this, we simply must find a match where the opposite results give us odds whose sum of probabilities is less than 100%. Or put another way, where the net spread is negative.

How to make money betting on sports
Money betting on Sports

Method 3: Sports trading:

The concept of sports trading also comes from the stock market. It consists, in the purest style of stock market speculation, in negotiating with the temporal evolution of the odds of a party. Bookmakers dynamically move their odds as bets are settled to ensure that they are offsetting each other, and they make their profit from the spread.

The most obvious situation in this evolution of the odds is during live matches. Let’s imagine that the game begins with a draw to zero, it is very stuck, and we believe that it is very likely to end like this.

We are settling a bet on the tie, let’s say with odds 3. After 20 minutes, if the marker has not moved, the odds will reduce to say 2.4, since the probability of the match ending in a tie will have increased.

If now the game opens and we estimate that either team can score, we can choose to close our position and win the odds difference, in two possible ways.