Horse Racing Betting Terms:

Horse racing betting terms

Horse racing betting terms: If you are a regular player of sport betting bitcoin, we recommend betting on Horse Racing. Here we present to you its betting terms, so it will be easy for you to bet.

Horse Racing Betting Terms:

– NK (Neck): It is the space or distance that remains between two horses. It includes the part of the head and the part of the chest (neck).

-WD (Withdraw): The horse withdraws without having started the race, but if it is locating at the starting point.

– RES: They are the reserve horses. Reserve horses will replace those that do not run.

– EP: Early Price.

– DNF (Did not finished): The horse did not finish the race.

– F (Fall): The horse falls during the race.

– U or UR (Unseated rider): The rider has fallen and the horse continues only the race.

– RF or RTR (Refused to Race): The horse does not participate in the race being located at the starting line.

-Wt or WGT: The horse’s body weight.

-NR (Non-Runner): The horse does not participate.

– Winning Time: The time the winning horse has taken.

– Opened / Touched: Fee with which the Race began / Fee with which the race ended.

– PU (Pulled up): The rider decides that the horse will not finish the race for any reason.

– Dead Heat: The Dead Heat occurs when there is a draw in horse racing. It is when two or more runners reach the goal at the same time. Normally, a photo of the arrival determines the winner.

Horse Racing Betting Terms
Horse Racing Betting

Horse Racing: Types of bets:

– Winner or placed is when the selected participant (horse) is among the top positions in a race.

– Twin: You bet on the selections that will be 1st and 2nd classified of an event in the correct order.

– Reversible twin: You bet on the 1st and 2nd classified of an event regardless of the order. It’s like betting two twins, one in which the selections will be 1st and 2nd, and the other upside down. The amount bet is doubled.

– Combined twin: 3 or more participants chose to finish 1st and 2nd in the ranking regardless of the order. In the case of selecting 3 participants, 6 twins or 3 reversible twins will be made.