How fast are Formula 1 cars?

How fast are Formula 1 cars?

How fast are Formula 1 cars? Formula 1 cars are becoming more sophisticated, more light, and more technologically advanced. So, as expected, they also reach higher peak speeds.

It is considered as the elite in terms of motor racing and even motorsports. In general, F1 runs since 1950 and over time it has been renewed.

Let us find how fast are Formula 1 cars?

The top speed record of a Formula 1 car currently in force is nothing more and nothing less, than 378 km / h. specifically, this achievement mark was achieved in 2016 by the Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas during the qualifying training of the Baku European Grand Prix at the controls of a Williams single-seater.

This record was possible in the Circuit of Azeirbaiyan surely because it has the longest straight of all the circuits that are part of the F1 World Cup, with 2.1 kilometers.

How fast are Formula 1 cars?
Formula 1 cars

Maximum speeds reached by a formula 1 car

Until that time, the speed record of a Formula 1 was held by Juan Pablo Montoya, having reached 372.6 km / h with his car at the 2005 Italian GP held at the Monza Circuit.

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