Who makes NHL Jerseys?

Who makes NHL Jerseys? The NHL (National Hockey League) is the most important ice hockey championship in the world which includes the 31 best teams of the United States (24 formations) and Canada (7).

The regular season begins in October with the teams divided into two conferences (Eastern and Western), in turn, divided into divisions (Pacific, Metropolitan, Atlantic, and Central). The best franchises go to the post-season with the first-round playoff series (wild cards), conference semifinals, conference finals, and Stanley Cup Final.

If you are a big fan of NHL sports, you must be wondering who makes players’ eye-catching jerseys? Let us find out here:

Who makes NHL Jerseys?
NHL Jerseys

Who makes NHL Jerseys?

It goes without saying that among the most conservative enthusiasts panic spread when the NHL announced that starting from the 2017/18 season Adidas, which until now had never produced professional hockey technical material, would take over from Reebok as a technical supplier.

The belief that Adidas would have introduced the infamous three stripes and the commercial sponsor on the jerseys was affirmed.

NHL Presentation Adidas Vegas Golden Knights:

On 20 June, two years after the aforementioned announcement, all the home jerseys were launched with great fanfare at an event signed by NHL, Adidas and Vegas Golden Knights, the new franchise that will debut next season.

Travel jerseys, on the other hand, will be presented independently by the individual teams during the summer. For this season there will be no third jerseys, but Adidas has already guaranteed that they will return from the next year.

NHL Betting:

A bit like in basketball, the high number of meetings provides us with numerous opportunities to find valuable NHL Betting bets every day. And it also means that the odds offered by bookmakers may not be as accurate as you would expect, giving shrewd bettors a good advantage throughout the season. Find more info about NHL at their official website.