What is the F1 driver Salary?

What is the F1 driver Salary?

What is the F1 driver Salary? There is a lot of money in the Formula 1 championship, it’s not a mystery. Between salaries, prizes and sponsors is a competition that allows pilots to collect important figures. Especially those who earn the seats of the most competitive teams manage to cash in so many millions. To benefit the most from all of them is Lewis Hamilton, first in the special ranking of F1 driver salaries.

What is the F1 driver Salary?

Lewis Hamilton is the highest-paid Formula 1 driver.

According to the classification compiled by F1 Weekends Hamilton, perceives the beauty of 57 million dollars. The latest contract renewal up to 2020 with Mercedes has allowed him to increase his revenues, which are also influenced by sponsorships.

The 34-year-old British driver has an expensive lifestyle, as he has shown repeatedly on social networks. Luxurious homes, parties, music, cars, private jets, and travel are some aspects of his true star lifestyle. Let us know about the average salary of an F1 driver.

What is the F1 driver Salary?
F1 driver

What is the average salary of a F1 driver?

Behind Daniel and Vettel is Daniel Ricciardo in third place. The Australian driver had significant growth in his revenues thanks to the transfer to Renault. That decided to focus heavily on him to reduce the gap from Mercedes and Ferrari. His current account ends 17 million dollars a year. Max Verstappen, his former partner in Red Bull. The son of art collects 13.5 million dollars and in 2019 dreams of finally being able to fight constantly for victories and podiums in Formula 1.

Formula one betting in brief:

Anyone interested in Formula One Betting should know that in some respects this is not a typical sport. Unlike football, tennis or cricket, no two teams are facing each other.

In these popular sports, there are only three possible results: a team win, the other team win, or a draw.

The F1 race is a different story: There are 20 competitors behind the starting line. This means that there are countless possible combinations during a race. This can also be seen from the online betting bonuses that the bookmakers propose for F1 which are very varied.

In short, the opportunities are numerous and not to be missed. Read more about F1 here.