How to become a formula 1 driver?

How to become a formula 1 driver?

How to become a formula 1 driver? Anyone who grew up watching Formula One on TV on Sunday mornings has probably wondered how to become a race car driver. Do you know what exactly is required to start this career? If your dream is to become a Formula 1 driver, you should read this article carefully to find out if you can become an idol for generations to come.

The first step is to drive:

Unless you are born with a special gift, you will need to go through a series of classes to train your direction. Some great riders began their career in kart racing. Lewis Hamilton, who is now one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, had the beginning of his career in Karting.

How to become a formula 1 driver?
Formula 1 driver


If you thought driving a Formula 1 car was all about talent and driving, the bad news is that you’re wrong. Also there are several specialization courses that are mandatory for anyone who wants to run. Furthermore look for one of the FIA accredited driving schools and take courses to master all the techniques. However, keep in mind that each course has value and is usually not cheap.

After taking the courses you can apply for your Pilot License. With this registration you will be able to start participating in smaller championships, especially riding school races. This is a good time to show off your talent and get a sponsor’s attention. Also read more about F1 here.

Formula 1 Bet:

If you want to play on Formula 1 Bet, also it is necessary to know that the first 3 places go up to a podium to receive their recognition of best runners and reward first place for winning the Grand Prix.

Each competition awards certain points to the top 10 Grand Prix runners. 25 points are given to the first, 18 to the second, 15 to the third. Also 12 to the fourth, 10 to the fifth and so on until reaching the tenth, who receive a unit. Furthermore, the points accumulate at the end of the season and whoever has obtain more, is F1 world champion.