How much do NHL players make?

How much do NHL players make?

Here we will learn How much do NHL players make?

The National Hockey League is a professional Ice Hockey League in North America. If you have ever wondered how much do NHL players make? Here you are in the right place.

Although the NHL does not presume to sign stratospheric contracts for its players, there is a group of men who are worth their weight in gold.

How much do NHL players make?

P.K. Subban:

The Montreal Canadians defender signed an eight-year contract with the Canadian club for a total of 72 million Dollars. A renovation that was long and complicated but that came to fruition. The 25-year-old continues to progress and has already become the cornerstone.

Henrik Zetterberg:

The captain of the Detroit Red Wings was pleasantly rewarded after his great contribution to the conquest of the Stanley Cup in 2008. The following season he signed a contract for 12 years for a total of 73 million Dollars. That same course the team reached the finals but lost in the seventh game against the Penguins. Your agreement will end when the center forward meets the quarantine.

How much do NHL players make?
NHL players

Evgeni Malkin:

The Russian forward of the Pittsburgh Penguins charges 9.5 million Dollars per season. A renewal that occurred where they agreed to pay 78 million in the next 8 years. Malkin has proven his talent by winning several individual trophies, such as Conn Smythe when he was the best player in the 2009 playoffs.

Patrick Kane: NHL players make

The Chicago Blackhawks player also extended his contract last summer with his teammate Jonathan Toews. The City of Wind franchise will disburse 84 million Dollars in the 8 years that the right-wing will try to take his team to conquer the Stanley Cup, as he did in 2010 with a golden goal.

Jonathan Toews:

The other big badge of the Chicago Blackhawks is their captain. As we have already mentioned, its renewal was announced along with that of Patrick Kane. The center forward was not going to be less and was also offered 84 million Dollars to pay in eight seasons. Find more info about NHL here.