Highest scoring College Football game:

Highest scoring College Football game

If you are wondering who is the highest scoring college football game? Let us find out here in the following. College Football is gridiron football consisting of American Football which is played by teams of student-athletes fielded by American Universities Colleges.

Highest scoring College Football game:

The 1916 Georgia Tech Vs. Cumberland football game was the most unbalanced in the college football history with Georgia Tech won with 222-0.

This game was played on 7th October 1916 at Grand Field in Atlanta.

Highest scoring College Football game
College Football Game

Let us check out other games where it was highest scoring College Football Games:

1. 1966 / Washington Redskins – New York Giants: They scored 113 points between the two. The score was Washington 72 – 41 New York Giants.

2. 2004 / Cincinnati Bengals – Cleveland Browns: They scored 106 points between both squads. The score was Cincinnati 58-48 Cleveland. Carson Palmer threw 4 TD passes.

3. 1963 / Oakland Raiders – Houston Oilers: They scored 101 points between the two. Final score: Oakland 52-49 Houston. American League match. Tom Flores, Raiders quarterback, then was his coach, threw 6 TD passes.

4. 2015 / New York Giants – New Orleans Saints: They scored 101 points. Tie the third-best mark in history. Final score: New Orleans 52-49 NY Giants. Drew Brees threw 7 TD and Eli Manning 6 passes.

5. 1983 / Seattle Seahawks – Kansas City Chiefs: They scored 99 points between them. Final score: Seattle 51 – 48 Kansas City in overtime. Curt Warner, Seattle runner accumulated 207 yards on 32 carries.

6. 2013 / Denver Broncos – Dallas Cowboys: They scored 99 points, tied for the fourth-highest figure in history. Final score: Denver 51-48 Dallas. Peyton Manning threw 4 TD and Tony Romo passes over 500 yards but with an interception that gave Denver the win. Read more about college football here.

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