How much do Formula 1 tyres cost?

How much do Formula 1 tyres cost?

How much do Formula 1 tyres cost? Formula One has millions of fans around the world and it is one of the costliest sports in the world. As per some estimates, an F1 car costs at least $12.2 million. In addition, the cost of this car increasing gradually every year because of the change in car designs.

Formula 1 tyres cost :

Usually, in Formula 1, there are 3 types of tires are using during the race. As per the report, a single set of tires costs $1715. The maximum limit of the tires used on the tracks is up to 20,000 miles.

Formula One Betting:

You must be interested in Formula One betting, let us know how are the bets of Formula 1? Why is it such a popular sport?

F1 is one of the most spectacular sports that exist. It is a true speed circus that goes around the world every year. Any driver dreams of winning the World Championship, as well as the teams yearn for the consecration with the title of builders.

But the road to the top is very long, with many races involved, training and qualifications.

How much do Formula 1 tyres cost?
Formula 1 Parts Cost

We, the fans, can predict for the winner of a race, the fastest driver or the final winner of the championship, whether individual or in teams. But before you jump in Formula one betting you have to know certain concepts and recommendations. Read more about Formula 1 at their official website.

Race winner:

It is the most common. It is about choosing a driver as a potential winner of a Grand Prix. The big favorite usually has a very low quota, so it is not crazy to bet on an outsider or a second or third favorite, whose quotas are usually above 2.5 or 3. 

These options have possibilities since certain mishaps can occur in full race such as a human error in driving, rain, mechanical breakdown, team tactics, etc. For this reason, it is convenient to know the context of the Grand Prix, characteristics of the circuit, medal winners, the teams that won the most victories, etc.