How much do UFC fighters make?

How much do UFC fighters make

How much do UFC fighters make? The UFC entered into an exclusive partnership with Reebok, with the deal totaling $ 70 million over a six-year term. This secured Reebok’s exclusive position as a supplier to the UFC.

Both the clothes worn by the fighters and the Octagon will only carry the Reebok logo.

How much do UFC fighters make?

The maximum revenue from sponsorship from Reebok is $ 40,000 per fight. However, this is only the case for Champions of a weight class, with challengers to a title. There is still $ 30,000 per fight. Those who are not in the title race are classified according to their experience:

Champion: $ 40,000 per fight

Challenger: $ 30,000

21 or more bouts: $ 20,000

16-20 fights: $ 15,000

11-15 fights: $ 10,000

5-10 fights: $ 5,000

Including: $ 2,500

The deal will come into force at UFC 189 in July, but it does not appeal to any UFC fighter. The fighters find the reimbursement too low and also suggest that UFC get rich at the expense of the fighters. Read more about UFC here.

How much do UFC fighters make?
UFC fighters Earn

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