What is a Goliath System?

Goliath System

In a Goliath system, you make 8 predictions of which 247 bets are formed. 28 combined bets of two, 56 combined bets of three, 70 combined bets of four, 56 combined bets of five, 28 combined bets of six, 8 bets combined seven and a combined bet of 8 forecasts.

Goliath system (247 bets)

To obtain a profit you must have at least 2 correct forecasts. The exact amount of profit depends on the number of correct forecasts.

The name of this type of bet entails making eight predictions which when added together will create 247 sports bets.

You will become a winner in the same way that the bet with the Canadian system works, that is, you must get at least 2 predictions, the value of your earnings being derived by the number of correct forecasts.

How do I win at Goliath?

How to make money sports betting? The Goliath allows up to six incorrect tips to still get a win (in this case a part of the bet back). The more games and thus the betting series is correct, the higher your profit will be. Keep in mind, however, that the deployment for each row must be done separately – 247 times for this system.

What is a Goliath System?
Goliath System

How does the Super Goliath work?

The Super Goliath is now another game added, so that from a total of nine tips complete 502 betting rows form. Again, single bets and banks are excluded. Unlike the Goliath, the Super Goliath offers only a few bookmakers. At bet365 you will find him – after selecting the nine tips – in the bet slip under the name “Block”. The betting constellations look like this:

In the Super Goliath even seven wrong tips are possible to still get back a small part of the bet – by the 36 won combined bets. The maximum win beckons with all the right tips, which is rare in a 9-but combination.

For whom the Goliath systems worthwhile?

Those who like to combine some tips, but the risk of a total loss in one or more wrong bets shy, is generally in good hands with system bets.

For beginners or weather with a low budget, but we recommend systems with fewer betting series such as Canadian or Lucky 31, which also allow some wrong tips. Players with great betting capital are more likely to do their favor on the Goliath family.

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