NFL Rookie of the year:

NFL Rookie of the year

NFL Rookie of the year: Every season many entities present a National Football League (NFL) Rookie of the Year Award. The NFL considers the Rookie of the Year awards by the Associated Press (AP) to be its official honor.

Dating back to 1957, before the AFL and NFL merger, the Associated Press (AP) has chosen a winner for the award each year.

NFL Rookie of the year:

Pepsi’s Rookie of the year award and the AP awards presents every year at the NFL Honors.

Since 1967 the Associated Press has awarded two annual awards like Rookie of the Year to NFL football players. 1 for a player of the offensive teams and 1 for a player of the defensive teams. These are often considered the “official” awards. However, the league recognizes many other agencies that award prizes such as The Sporting News, Pro Football Weekly, Sports Illustrated.

NFL Rookie of the year
NFL Rookie

NFL Rookie of the Year Candidates:

A review of the teams’ selections in the past Draft, and the list of prospects to keep the award.

The following players appear as the favorites to be the Rookie of the Year in the offensive facet in the NFL. Read more about NFL here.

Following are 5 leaders for the 2019 offensive Rookie of the Year Award:

1. Terry McLaurin – WR, Washington Redskins

2. Marquise Brown – WR, Baltimore Ravens

3. Kyler Murray – QB, Arizona Cardinals

4. Josh Jacobs – RB, Oakland Raiders

5. D.K. Metcalf – WR, Seattle Seahawks

Honorable Mentions:

Few other rookies should note – Diontae Johnson, Preston Williams, and Mecole Hardman. These players have played exceptionally well. All these players have had their fair share for Offensive Rookie of the Year candidacy.

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