When do NFL schedules come out?

When do NFL schedules come out?

Let us find out in this article, when do NFL schedules come out? In the year 2019, NFL (National Football League) is the 100th season of NFL.

A full list of 2019 NFL schedules has released on April 17.

When do NFL schedules come out?

On 6.9.2019 the regular season of the NFL 2019 has started. 

The NFL season 2019 ends on 2.2.2020 with the Super Bowl. This year the NFL is celebrating a special anniversary: It’s the 100th season. Already now, the organizers are preparing for the Super Bowl and already announced Jennifer Lopez and Shakira as show acts.

– 32 teams participate in the NFL season 2019. The 32 teams are divided into two conferences. There are 16 teams from the American Football Conference (AFC).

– 16 teams from the National Football Conference (NFC). Each Conference is again divided into 4 divisions.

When do NFL schedules come out?
NFL Schedules

NFL schedules come out : Preseason – 1.8.2019 to 30.8.2019:

The Preseason began on August 1 with the Atlanta Falcons’ game against the Denver Broncos and ended on the night of August 29 to 30. Following the preseason, the teams had to reduce their squads to 53 players.

Regular Season – 6.9.2019 until 29.12.2019:

The regular season started on September 6, 2019, and continues until December 29, 2019. The season opener at 2:20 clock could win the Green Bay Packers 10: 3 against the Chicago Bears.

Contrary to the tradition that the defending champion opens the regular season next season, two old rivals met for the 199th time with the Bears and Packers.

32 teams will be playing in the play-offs in a total of 256 games in 17 games. Each team has 16 games to complete.

Play-offs – 4.1.2020 to 2.2.2020:

The beginning of the play-offs will be on January 4 and 5, 2020. The playoffs are made up of the Wild Card Round, the Divisional Playoffs and the Championship Games.

In the Wild Card Round, 8 teams compete against each other – division winners 3 and 4 and two wildcard teams from each conference. Read more info about NFL here.

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