How to watch Australian Open?

How to watch Australian open?

How to watch Australian Open? The Australian Open is a tennis tournament plays annually over the last fortnight of January in Melbourne, Australia.

We can watch the tennis tournament through some streaming content websites, such as, we can see it through apps to share content for smartphones. Read on and we tell you how to do it.

Watch Australian Open online through Streaming Webs:

Several websites on the internet have links to watch streaming pay-TV channels. Our favorite and where we almost always find the right links is

Watch Australian Open on Wiseplay:

We can watch the Australian Open on Wiseplay, which is a smartphone app available only in the Google Play app store so it is only available for Android devices.

The main function of this app is to share streaming content with other users. When there are Australian Open tennis matches and other sporting events you will always find people broadcasting them live.

One of the advantages that we liked most about this app is that you can share the content with your TV through Chrome cast or any other Mirror Link system.

How to watch Australian Open?
Watch Australian Open

Enjoy Australian Open on AceStream:

Another way to watch is on our smartphone is through Acestream is a Wiseplay-style app. But with the difference that in this case instead of sharing the content with others, you see it directly in streaming from banks of channels.

This allows you to watch the Australian Open tennis matches online for free but sometimes there are cuts and interruptions. However, it is a great option to enjoy the best online tennis when you are not at home.

Australian Open Betting Odds:

If you are looking for the best Australian Open Betting Odds, do not miss to check They track odds movement on the top ATP and WTA players’ to win the 2020 Australian Open.