When is the Australian Open Women’s final?

When is the Australian Open Women's final?

When is the Australian Open Women’s final? The Australian Open is the first of the 4 tournaments that form the Grand Slam of tennis. It takes place every January in the sports complex located in Melbourne Park, in the city of Melbourne.

The tournament was created in 1905 and received the name of “Australian Championships” from 1927 to 1968. The year in which the open era was implanted and professional players were allowing to participate in the tournament so it is popular as “Australian Open“.

Australian Open 2020:

The Australian Open is one of the most important sports and leisure events in the world. The tournament, the most seen and visited of the 4 Grand Slams, continues to grow and break records year after year at an essential pace.

The Australian Open 2020 will continue to break records and leave the deepest mark of all the Grand Slams. Its facilities for both players and fans compete with those of any of the biggest sporting events on the planet.

When is the Australian Open Women's final?
Australian Open Women’s final

When is the Australian Open Women’s final?

Now let us find out when is the Australian Open Women’s Final?

Women’s final will be on 1st February – 2020 at a local time at 7.30 pm.

And Australian Open Men’s Final will be on its next day i.e. on 2nd February – 2020 at the same time 7.30 pm (Local time)

In 2020, the Australian Open will receive more than 1 million fans over 3 weeks in January. There will be almost one billion people worldwide, many of them from Asia who will enjoy this popular tournament.

Like the other 3 Grand Slam tournaments, the competition is dividing into categories, with individual and double categories for both men and women. In addition, there are also mixed doubles (i.e. couples formed by a man and a woman).

In addition to competitions for junior and veteran players, competitions for wheelchair players have also been included.

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