Mets schedule:

Mets schedule

Mets schedule: New York Metropolitans is also popular as New York Mets. It is a Major League Baseball team based in Queens, New York. They are part of the Eastern Division of the National League. Other teams in the same Division: Atlanta Braves, Miami Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Nationals.

Mets Schedule

If you are looking for the upcoming schedule of Mets, here we present you in the following:

Mets Schedule:

Sat, 22 Feb     vs Miami

Sat, 22 Feb     @ St. Louis

Sun, 23 Feb     vs St. Louis

Mon, 24 Feb   @ Washington

Tue, 25 Feb    @ Detroit

Wed, 26 Feb   vs Houston

Thu, 27 Feb    @ Miami

Fri, 28 Feb      vs St. Louis

Sat, 29 Feb     @ Houston

Sun, 1 Mar     vs Washington

Sun, 1 Mar     @ Miami

Tue, 3 Mar     vs Miami

Wed, 4 Mar    vs St. Louis

Thu, 5 Mar     @ St. Louis

Fri, 6 Mar       @ Houston

Sat, 7 Mar      vs Washington

Sun, 8 Mar     vs Houston

Mon, 9 Mar    @ Miami

Tue, 10 Mar   @ Houston

Wed, 11 Mar  vs St. Louis

Fri, 13 Mar     @ Atlanta

Sat, 14 Mar    @ Minnesota

Sun, 15 Mar   vs Washington

Mon, 16 Mar  vs Houston

Tue, 17 Mar   @ Washington

Wed, 18 Mar  vs Detroit

Thu, 19 Mar   vs Minnesota

Fri, 20 Mar     @ St. Louis

Sat, 21 Mar    @ Washington

Sat, 21 Mar    vs Houston

Sun, 22 Mar   vs Miami

Mon, 23 Mar  @ Baltimore

Uniform: Blue, orange and black (orange commemorates the ancient New York Giants, blue commemorates the Brooklyn Dodgers).

Logo: Letters ‘N’ and ‘Y’ intermingled, on a blue background (the NY logo is identical to that of the New York Giants. The blue background was chosen because it was the color of the Brooklyn Dodgers).

Theme song: “Meet the Mets” (1961), by Bill Katz and Ruth Roberts, composed a season before the Mets played in the Major Leagues in their first campaign in 1962.

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