What is the prize money for Australian open?

What is the prize money for Australian open?

Like all other sports, you must be interested to know what is the prize money for Australian Open the first of the 4 Grand Slams. Well, we should let you know that the Australian Open increases the prizes for 2019 by 14%

What is the prize money for Australian open 2020?

Australian Open will deliver in 2020 the most important economic awards in its history. Players who participate in the tournament see how the prize distributes increases by 14%. The total is rising to 62.5 million Australian dollars.

In the edition of the tournament of 2018, 55 million Australian dollars were put into play. With the champion earning 4 million and adding 2000 points. In 2019, the winner’s prize is increased slightly, to 4.1 million.

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The tournament director, Craig Tiley, points out that the tournament is “leading the way in terms of compensation for players.” And the 100 best players will participate in it, in the two categories including the return of the 7-time winner Serena Williams.

Other developments include the inclusion of a 25-second clock between points. Applicable to all matches in the main draw. As well as the increase of the table of the qualification phase in the female category which goes from 96 players to 128.

What is the prize money for Australian open?
Prize money for Australian open

What is the prize money for Australian Open?

Individuals – male and female:

Winner $ 4,100,000

Runner-up $ 2,050,000

Semifinal $ 920,000

Quarterfinals $ 460,000

  • Round 4 $ 260,000
  • 3rd Round $ 155,000
  • Round 2 $ 105,000
  • Round 1 $ 75,000


Winner $ 750,000

Runner-up $ 375,000

Semifinal $ 190,000

Quarterfinals $ 100,000

  • Round 3 $ 55,000
  • 2 $ 32,500
  • Round 1 $ 21,000

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