Red Sox Schedule:

Red Sox

Red Sox Schedule: The Boston Red Sox is a professional American baseball team from the city of Boston, Massachusetts. They compete in the Eastern Division of the American League (ML) Major League Baseball (MLB) and play their home games at Fenway Park. They are the oldest baseball stadium in the United States.

The team was founded in 1901 under the unofficial name of Boston Americans until in 1908 they officially adopted the name of Boston Red Stockings and later abbreviated to Red Sox.

Red Sox Schedule
Red Sox Team

If you are a fan of Red Sox team and looking for their upcoming schedule, let us find out in the following:

Red Sox Schedule:

Sat, 22 Feb     vs Tampa Bay

Sun, 23 Feb     @ Baltimore

Mon, 24 Feb   @ Tampa Bay

Mon, 24 Feb   @ Minnesota

 Tue, 25 Feb   vs Baltimore

Wed, 26 Feb   @ Pittsburgh

Thu, 27 Feb    vs Philadelphia

Fri, 28 Feb      @ Minnesota

Sat, 29 Feb     vs New York

Sun, 1 Mar     vs Atlanta

Mon, 2 Mar    @ Detroit

Tue, 3 Mar     @ New York

 Wed, 4 Mar   vs Detroit

Thu, 5 Mar     vs Houston

Fri, 6 Mar       @ Atlanta

Sat, 7 Mar      @ Philadelphia

Sat, 7 Mar      vs Toronto

Sun, 8 Mar     vs Minnesota

 Mon, 9 Mar   @ Atlanta

Tue, 10 Mar   vs St. Louis

Wed, 11 Mar  @ Tampa Bay

Fri, 13 Mar     vs Tampa Bay

Sat, 14 Mar    @ Houston

Sun, 15 Mar   @ St. Louis

Mon, 16 Mar  vs Pittsburgh

Tue, 17 Mar   vs Atlanta

Wed, 18 Mar  @ Toronto

Thu, 19 Mar   vs Tampa Bay

Fri, 20 Mar     @ Baltimore

Fri, 20 Mar     @ Minnesota

Sat, 21 Mar    vs Baltimore

Sun, 22 Mar   vs Minnesota

Mon, 23 Mar  @ Atlanta

Tue, 24 Mar   vs Atlanta

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