College Football Overtime Rules:

College Football Overtime Rules

College Football Overtime Rules: Another College Football season is coming very soon and the upcoming year will have a few rule changes relating to overtime. Let us find out more about it in the following section.

The overtime rule is meant to spare players from extra hits late in games when fatigue could effect player safety.

What are College Football Overtime Rules?

After 2 possessions by each team, the offense has to try a 2-point conversion instead of kicking an extra point after a touchdown.

When College Football Overtime Rules were started?

The 1995-96 bowl season saw the introduction of overtime rules to postseason games. The first overtime game was the 1995 Las Vegas Bowl. Toledo scored a field goal during the first possession of overtime and notched a 40-37 win over Nevada.

Later, overtime was added to regular-season games beginning the fall of 1996.

College Football Overtime Rules
College Football Overtime Rules

Time out or dead time:

The rules of the game give each team 3 opportunities to stop the clock for each half of the game. These opportunities are called dead times or time outs and only the coach and quarterback can request them.

The dead times can be requested by both the offensive and defensive team, but as long as the ball is not in play. You cannot ask for a timeout to interrupt a play.

The most common reasons for requesting a time out are:

On the offensive:

– Freeze the clock to have more time to plan the next play.

– Avoid a penalty for deliberately delayed play in case of reaching the tolerance limit of 40 seconds and not starting one.

On the defensive:

– Prevent the rival team from using their tolerance to continue their offense;

– Press the kicker of the offensive team by altering the pace of play moments before a decisive field goal attempt, a strategy known as icing the kicker. Read more about college football here.

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