How to get an Ethereum wallet?

How to get an Ethereum wallet?

How to get an Ethereum wallet? Ethereum had the first major media hype and is currently ranking second behind Bitcoin. To help you successfully start, we provide information on Ethereum and instructions for the official Ethereum Wallet so you can also use it in the best bitcoin sports betting.

What Is Ether?

The own cryptocurrency in the Ethereum network is Ether. That is also referring to as the fuel of the Ethereum network. Ether can use as a digital currency, but also to use computing capacity in the Ethereum network. This is to ensure that only good applications or good code are producing because complex code costs more ether.

How to get an Ethereum Wallet?

You need a wallet to store the digital currency. Mist is the official Ethereum Wallet, you can download the latest version from the net. Scroll down to the Downloads heading and download the zip file for your operating system.

After the download, unzip the ZIP file and start the application. The blockchain is then downloaded. Depending on the connection, this may take some time.

How to get an Ethereum wallet?
Ethereum wallet

Alternatively, you can click on “Skip Peer Search” to start the Ethereum Wallet. Before further steps, you should still download the blockchain to be on the safe side.

To be able to store ether, an account must create. An account corresponds to the public and private keys at Bitcoin. Choose a very strong password and write it down. If you lose the password, all of your ether will be lost.

Your ether receiving address is then in the account you just created.

Create Ethereum Wallet Backup:

Create a wallet backup to secure your digital currency, in the event of complications. Under the menu item Backup, you can back up accounts and also app data. Now secure the private keys of your accounts by clicking on Backup Accounts.

Then you copy the folder Keystore, that contains your private keys to a safe and clean place. That is on a new USB stick or a hard drive. Repeat this with the menu item App Data, the crap folder contains all-important metadata.