How does Tennis Betting work?

How does Tennis Betting work?

Surely most of the users of bookmakers are quite familiar with the operation of football betting, but perhaps not so many know exactly how tennis bets work. If you are among them, this article intends to explain the different types of tennis bets that you can place in the different bookmakers.

Traditional Betting:

Let’s start with the traditional: bets on the winner of a particular match. This works very similarly to a soccer game. That is, there are 2 players and 1 must choose between one or the other’s quota to win.

Of course, unlike football, there is no tie in tennis. Another of the more traditional bets is to bet on the winner of a specific tournament.

How does Tennis Betting work?
Tennis Betting


For example, if I want to bet that my favorite player is going to win the next Grand Slam, then I can enter my bet. Of course, bets for a surprise usually give good dividends if it comes to fruition.

How does Tennis Betting work?

One of the differences between tennis and other sports such as football or basketball is that you are never sure how long it will last. That is, a match can culminate 6-0 and 6-0 like 7-6, 6-7 and 7-6.

From this, the bookmakers give you the curious option of betting on the number of sets and games that will be playing, That is, the number of games and sleeves that the winner will need to take the victory.

In turn, you can also bitcoin sports betting on the number of games that will be played, for example, in the first set. In this case, there are usually three options: between 6 and 8 games (that is, from 6-0 to 6-2), between 9 and 10 (6-3 or 6-4), and more than 11 (7-5 ​​or 7-6). As if all this were not enough, you can also bet that the number of games played is even or odd. Read more about sports betting here.

Who will win the first set? Will there be any tiebreak in the match? Will a player be set down and trace the match? These are all questions that each bookmaker also asks, and in which you can express your heartbeat.