IOTA Wallet:

IOTA wallet

To choose your IOTA wallet forΒ bitcoin sports betting, you must consider certain features that make them a viable option. Whether you use IOTA as a future investment, or with the sole intention of using it for a few days. By its conception, we have in the market 4 types of wallets: Web, desktop, physical and paper.Β 

Let us learn more about Web and Desktop types as these two types are widely used:

IOTA Wallet – A Web wallet: 

This is basically when you register on a website of an Exchange, companies dedicated to the marketing of cryptocurrencies. There is a great variety of them, among them we have Coinbase, Binance, Bittrex, among others.

Computer wallet:

What many of us have come to know how UCL wallet has now been renamed “Trinity”. This wallet has been developed by a team from the University College London Blockchain Center (UCL). 

Trinity has become the most needed wallet, at least for the community. This is mainly due to the details that have been revealed over time, there will be desktop versions for Windows, Mac and Linux and mobile versions for iOS and Android.

IOTA Wallet
IOTA Wallet

Hardware type wallets:

These wallets are popular as physical or hardware type wallets because of their way of storing your coins offline, hacker-free and other difficulties. 

As the cryptocurrency community has been growing we have these wallets that give you maximum security. Trezor, KeepKey or Ledger Wallet would be the most used. 

These wallets are physical devices that have a secure chip that makes us unable to use them without authenticating ourselves with our private key. As they are not connected to the Internet, they are referred to as “cold” storage wallets.

IOTA Wallet – Paper Wallets:

If what you prefer is to carry out your operations in the old way, there are paper wallets. Together with the hardware wallets, they are one of the safest ways to store your Ether. Basically, it is a record of the private and public keys you need to access your wallet and make transactions.